Cooperstown Ball Cap Co.

Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. serves the history of the game. They recreate the ball caps of bygone eras of baseball. You name your favorite team and year, they have the hat. Major Leagues, Negro Leagues, Armed Forces Leagues ... they're all there. I have two: a 1948 and a 1954 Cleveland Indians. They are made of wool flannel; the sweatbands are horsehide; the peaks are correct; even the rayon labels are made on an old loom. If you're a catcher, you don't get that funny tan mark on your forehead from the stupid, plastic, white adjusta-band with holes on the back.

To the right is the cover of the 1995's Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. catalog. It depicts Marie L'Overture, the second-baseman and occasional relief pitcher for the Port au Prince Skulls of the legendary outlaw Trans-Carribean Baseball League. During the brief, but turbulent, existance of the league, no star shone more brightly than that of Marie L'Overture, whose sobriquet was "The Clountin' Creole". Marie was a tempestuous crowd pleaser and great show woman. Known as "the female Dihigo" (she claimed that HE should be called the "male L'Overture"), her on going feud with Jose "Dutch" Gonzalez, the bean ball pitcher of the Tampico team, provided fans with heady memories of this bizzare, but beloved, chapter in the history of baseball, or, rather, beisbol!

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