Link to Tum Yeto

In North County San Diego, in Sorrento Valley, in a complex which is, according to WiReD, "shabby, but strangely cheery", lies the corporate headquarters of the Foundation Super Company, a division of the Tum Yeto Company. This massive skatebaord and general freak FORTUNE 1,000,000 company is led by Tod Swank and his minions.

Check out their pages. These guys knew NOTHING about the Web or the 'net when they began 4 months ago. Their server is slow, their prose is raw, they won a Worst of the Web. In fact, they even use the dreaded blink tag. But this is roots stuff and real. Some kids in business making the Web part of their lives.

But best on this site is the attitude of the chicks. Shaney Jo has a clothing line called , and the girls skatebaord magazine online, FOXY has as it's motto:

Go visit the kids at the Tum Yeto Universe. These guys are the wave of the future. What the hell does Tum Yeto mean, anyways?

7/21/95:Eric emailed with the meaning of Tum Yeto; just dial 1-800-tum-yeto and you'll find out!!!


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