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Woody's Agora

An agora is more than a marketplace. Ideas take form when intertwined with the commerce of goods. The exchange of barbs, quips, insights, and sighs take on a vibrancy when coupled with the exchange of services. Socrates, himself, swore he couldn't s tand it when separated from his beloved agora.

So here is my simple marketplace, Woody's Agora: an eclectic collection of goods, services, and ideas. Take a gander. Surf peripatetically.


Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. I like baseball. I like baseball in an old-fashioned way. These hats remind me of summer evenings, fireflies, and baseball on the radio.

La Fonda Hotel. Sometimes you walk into a place, and it feels just right ... down, dirty, cool, hip, and simply fine.

The Use of Agents Considered Harmful Here is a short piece by me on software agents, the "killer ap" of the MIT Multimedia Lab. Negroponte's people have written an agent that can help you choose music. Ooooo, how killer!

Tum Yeto. A radical look at skateboarding, fashion, and girls' viewpoints from North County, San Diego.

Steve Sherman Photographs. Steve Sherman captures the interplay of shadow and light all around the world.

Windy City Postcards Mark Hines, from the Spiegel Internet team, has created a great feature for the Spiegel Online Magazine.

A Self Portrait

Woody was born an only child, a mistake soon rectified by his parents. As time went on, he became unbearably self important, so he, and other ne'er-do-wells, went to restart an abandoned kibbutz where he learned to smile in the morning. Now he lives in California, wondering if his words do glow like the gold of sunrise.

Photos and film clips will complement a stream of conciousness narrative. May God be with you (he turns, makes a flourish with his cape, and exits).

A History of Woody the Short, Opus 1


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