Mission Accomplished

Woody and members of the IAEA have inspected the Onagawa atomic plant in Miyagi Prefecture, and found it to be “remarkably undamaged.” Due to the limited time available, the experts were only able to perform visual inspection of equipment samples. In doing so, they found no trace of the damage which caused a catastrophic failure […]


A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency has begun inspecting a nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan. The Onagawa plant in Miyagi Prefecture was one of several that were hit by the March 11th earthquake last year. The team’s goal is to collect data on the quake’s impact on the plant’s structure and electric […]


On March 19th, 2012, I gave a presentation at the Pacific Basin Nuclear Power Conference in Pusan, Korea. In that presentation I used a slide from the ANS Summer meeting in 2011. This slide indicated that a study by TEPCO in 2006 showed that the recurrence frequency of a tsunami greater than 5.7m was higher […]