Woody’s Projects

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MRJ70 / MRJ90 Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA)

ABSC in 2009 performed a PSSA for Mitsubishi Aircraft (MJET). This PSSA will be used to qualify the safety of the new regional jet for use worldwide and for FAA Type certification.

RISKMAN for Nuclear Safety

Woody is the lead developer and architect for the most widely used probabilistic ® RISKMAN safety assessment (PSA) software for nuclear power and fuel facilities in Japan.

Terrorist Risk – MIDAS-AT Software

For over 20 years, MIDAS-AT software has been used in nuclear power, chemical industry, by US Marine Corps, and in US Embassies to manage in real time, chemical, biological, and radiological attacks by terrorists. Installed at over 70 sites worldwide, this year MIDAS-AT was chosen by the Japanese Ministry of Defense for use by the Ground Self Defense Force.

NASA Challenger Disaster

After the Challenger disaster, ABSC was asked by the US Government to institute a risk assessment program for the space shuttle and to perform a pilot study to understand and quantify the chances that a fatal accident might again occur. Our study, finished in 1988, predicted that the chances of a loss of vehicle (LOV) accident was 1/75. The current LOV accident rate is 1/64.5.

Chemical Weapons Disposal

At the end of WW2, the Japanese
Imperial Army abadoned more than
300,000 chemical weapons in
Northern China. The weapons were
buried in two large burial pits near
Haeberling, Now, The Japanese
government must excavate and
dispose of these weapons. From
2003-2007, ABSC has advised the
Japanese government of the risk
involved to the public, the workers,
and the environment, should an
accident occur.

Software Safety Assessment of the Main Engines of the NASA Space Shuttle

ABS created analysis methods to assess the risk of real time software by integrating the analysis techniques of software engineering, software reliability, software system safety, and classical risk analysis. We used this methodology for NASA to help understand the risk of failure of the main engines of the Space Shuttle.



PSA 業務の目的(続き)
PSA のトレーニング
JP に PSA とは何で、何ができるのかという理解を深める
MER ミッションの EDL (突入、降下、及び着地)の部分に焦点を当てる

VERN: The Virtual Emergency Response Network

VERN is used in Japan to provide real time disaster information to aid emergency response after seismic events.