RISKMAN – 20 Years After

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RISKMAN®, Celebrating 20+ Years of Excellence!
Mr. Donald Wakefield
Mr. Steven Epstein
Dr. Yongjie Xiong
Mr. Kamyar Nouri
ABS Consulting, 300 Commerce Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92602-1300, USA

Abstract: RISKMAN® is a PC-based, general purpose, integrated tool for quantitative risk analysis. Initiated with software programs first developed for main frames, and with development supported by a user’s group spanning three continents, the PC version of RISKMAN® now celebrates more than 20 years of risk-based applications. While mostly used in the nuclear power industry and related government organizations, RISKMAN® is also used in the offshore oil industry, marine industry, aerospace, and for specialty applications such as for assessing the risks associated with the excavation and destruction of abandoned chemical weapons.