From left to right: Kondo-sensei; Dr. Richard Clegg, Director of Nuclear Lloyd's Register; Jerzy Grynblat, Nuclear Business Manager Lloyd's Register; Popeye

In January, 2012, Woody met with Professor Kondo, the Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission, a long time friend and colleague. He took his colleagues from Lloyd’s Register to meet Kondo-sensei as they made a tour of Japan.

Kondo-sensei is a great man; he is truly concerned with nuclear risk and safety, and more importantly, he is concerned for the health and happiness of Japanese people.

Dr. Kondo became a Lecturer, in 1970, then an Associate Professor in 1971 at the Department of Nuclear Engineering, The University of Tokyo. After that, he became a Professor at Nuclear Engineering Research Laboratory, The University of Tokyo in 1984.

He moved to the Department of Nuclear Engineering, The University of Tokyo in 1988 and remained there until his retirement in 2004. In addition, he was appointed to the Director, Research Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo from 1999-2003. After he retired from the University of Tokyo, he became the Chairman, Japan Atomic Energy Commission in 2004.

Kondo-sensei is not a bureaucrat.  He is a sharp scientist with a heart of gold.  Given his difficult position, his presentation at the ICONE conference in October 2011 was indeed candid.  Click here to read it.