Director of Risk and Safety, Asia-Pacific, Curtiss-Wright

I am pleased to announce that I have joined Curtiss-Wright, Scientech Nuclear Division. and will manage the new Japan office in Tokyo with the title, Director of Risk and Safety, Asia-Pacific. My portfolio includes Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, where I will be responsible for safety/risk, licensing, and plant performance, in both consulting and business development activities.


The Asia-Pacific market has provided, and will continue to provide, outstanding opportunities in the nuclear field. This year about one-half of Curtiss-Wright’s new orders will have come from Japanese and Korean clients.

My most important immediate task will be to lead the Japan Safe Restart Alliance (JSRA), which brings together many of the leading experts in all aspects of nuclear power plant safety from four world class organizations: Curtiss-Wright (plant performance, PRA, licensing), Appendix R Solutions (fire and safe shutdown), Marubeni Utility Services (project management, business development), and Rizzo Associates (natural hazards).

The alliance members are already engaged in several projects in fire compliance, fire hazard, tornado hazard, active fault, and fault displacement hazard analyses to support safe restart.

The JSRA mission is to assist in the safe restart of Japan’s nuclear power generating stations, to establish the basis for continued safe operations, and to ensure the safety of the people of Japan and the protection of the environment.