In January, 2012, Woody met with Professor Kondo, the Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission, a long time friend and colleague. He took his colleagues from Lloyd’s Register to meet Kondo-sensei as they made a tour of Japan. Kondo-sensei is a great man; he is truly concerned with nuclear risk and safety, and more […]

PerfectWave ®

PerfectWave® is proprietary software of Applied Fluids Engineering, Inc. Applied Fluids Engineering and its partner LR Scandpower are pleased to announce Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA) consulting and software services. PerfectWave® is the leading state of the art PTHA software modeling tool, producing probability distribution functions for earthquake tsunami, landslide tsunami, and volcanic tsunami to […]

Unforeseen Events, Resilience, and PRA

I gave a presentation at the second Resilience Engineering Symposium on November 6th, 2006.  The accompanying article was included in the book, Resilience Engineering: Remaining Sensitive to the Possibilities of Failure, E. Hollnagel, et. al, editors (Ashgate Press), 2007, under the title “Unexampled Events, Resilience, and PRA”. The words of the presentation have remained the […]